Speed up your PC

When it comes to system slowdown, viruses, disc fragmentation or too much software installed can be the culprit. The best solution can be a data backup and reinstalling Windows from scratch. After a fresh install of Windows your computer will be put back to the way it was when you bought it.

Additionally we offer a hardware upgrade to speed up your PC or laptop.

PC and Mac Repair

Fast PC repair services and full IT support in Luxembourg. We can come and fix your PC, Mac or laptop without any delay. In most cases your computer problems can be fixed within the same day of your initial call. Just deliver the PC to our office in Luxembourg city and we will bring it back to life.

We offer the Same Day Computer Repair.

IT Services

Emergency on-site IT support services in Luxembourg. Our mission is to provide a full spectrum of quality IT services for businesses and home users throughout Luxembourg. We offer a dedicated support service covering all IT requirements including servers, PCs, laptops, WI-FI /ethernet networks, peripherals and more.

Affordable prices.

Computer service

Our laptop and PC service Luxembourg offers full spectrum of computer services. Hardware issues such as video card, hard disc, motherboard, DVD player and cooling fan replacement are our everyday job. We offer a laptop and PC's interior cleaning which is strongly recommended once a year. More can be found on our list of PC services.

Services temporarily suspended,

until indefinite period of time


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